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Best 20s-30s Speed Dating Events Sydney

Looking for an exciting way to meet singles in Sydney? Our 20s-30s speed dating and singles events for a fun alternative to online dating. Our events include singles mixers, singles parties, and dinners, offer the perfect opportunity to connect with potential partners in person.


Our dating events in Sydney for twenty-somethings is a quick and enjoyable way to meet multiple people. Held at fantastic venues across Sydney, our friendly hosts ensure a smooth experience with each date lasting around 5 minutes. During a short intermission, grab a drink and canapés before moving on to the next exciting encounter.


How Speed Dating Works

At the end of each mini date, organisers guide you to your next match. You'll chat with approximately 15 new people, and if someone sparks your interest, simply mark "yes" on your dating card. When they reciprocate, it's a match, and you'll receive their contact details via email within 24 hours.


More Than Just Speed Dating

We host speed dating events for 20s, over 30s,  along with singles parties, dinners, wine tastings, and trivia nights in Sydney and Western Sydney. Our affordable matchmaking service arranges blind dates for those seeking personalized assistance.


Over 20s Singles Events

For Sydney singles in their 20s, our events offer a chance to meet potential partners of the same age quickly. Unlike online dating, face-to-face meetings provide instant chemistry insights. Plus, our events take place in Sydney's finest restaurants and bars, enriching your social circle in this vibrant city.

Expand Your Social Circle Sydney 

Looking to broaden your social horizons in Sydney? Our meetup is a friendly, down-to-earth community where you can meet like-minded people. Whether you're new to the city or simply want to make new friends, our diverse events have something for everyone.


Speed Dating FAQ

Where Can I Meet Singles Near Me in Sydney?

Sydney offers a diverse range of options for singles looking to meet like-minded individuals, from salsa dancing classes to rooftop bars and everything in between. However, if you're seeking a turbo-charged way to connect with potential matches, The Sydney Social's speed dating events are the way to go. You can also try our Sydney singles events and mixers! 


Duration of Dates in Speed Dating Events

Think of speed dating in Sydney as the espresso of dating events – short, sweet, and to the point. Typically, dates last around 10 minutes, providing ample time to gauge compatibility without committing to a full-blown dinner date. It's like a teaser trailer for a potential romantic comedy.


How Many People Will I Meet?

Speed dating is your personal romantic roulette. At each event in Sydney, you'll typically date around 8 potential matches. Thanks to The Sydney Social's expertise, you'll be matched with a curated selection of singles to maximize compatibility and enjoyment.

What to Wear at a Speed Dating Event

Dress to impress while keeping comfort in mind. Consider it a first date with multiple people in a single evening. Your outfit should reflect your personality, boost your confidence, and allow for sitting, standing, and socializing. So, leave the stilettos and super-tight pants at home and show off your unique style.


Bringing a Friend to a Speed Dating Event

Yes, you can bring a friend! Having a trusty sidekick during a romantic adventure can provide moral support, enable the exchange of notes on potential matches, and add fun to your dating experience. Ensure that your friend is single and registered for the same event in Sydney.


Age Groups at Speed Dating Events

Speed dating events in Sydney cater to a wide range of age groups, similar to a choose-your-own-adventure novel for romance. Some events target specific age brackets, while others offer a more open age range.


What if I don't match with anyone?

If you don't feel a connection during the event, don't be disheartened. Much like trying different ice cream flavors, not every encounter will be your favorite. Remember that dating is a numbers game, and there's always another opportunity around the corner to discover your perfect match in Sydney.


Matching with Someone

Congratulations, matching with someone is a great feeling! After your Sydney event, you can log into The Sydney Social's platform and message your matches. It's up to you to reach out, plan a date, and continue your romantic adventure.


Exchanging Contact Information

If you feel a spark with someone and want to continue the conversation, you can connect with each other on The Sydney Social's platform after the event.


With The Sydney Social's Singles Events in Sydney, you won't be confined to dimly-lit backrooms. You'll mingle in the vibrant atmosphere of the main bar area with fellow singles. Whether you bond over underground art galleries or share a passion for the city's best food trucks, you're in for a memorable experience. 

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